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What is ESD?

(ESD) Electric Static Discharge.

When handling electrical components, you must be careful to protect them and yourself from getting shocked.

Humans are constantly emitting 5 volts of electricity from their skin. It takes at least 15 volts for us to feel a shock and less than 5 volts to damage electrical components.

When you do need to disassemble a computer, a DVD player, or a smartphone, be sure to wear anti-static gloves or an anti-static bracelet. Also use anti-static bags to hold each part so that it does not get shocked. There are gloves that help keep the oil from your skin from damaging the parts also.

Wear an anti-static bracelet.

If you have purchased something from eBay and it arrives in bubble wrap or plastic wrap, make a note of it. Take a picture. Let the seller know that if they are handling and shipping electrical components, they need to be placed in anti-static bags at the moment of disassembly.

RAM and CPU components need protecting

Without taking this precaution, the part could incur electrical damage after taking it out of the device.

Next time you take your device into a computer shop, keep on eye on the technician and be sure that he/she takes the proper precautions.

ESD (Electric Static Discharge)

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