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Repairs & Upgrades

Computer Repair Made Easy at Tech Bros

Our team can diagnose the issue in minutes, and find the most affordable solution for your laptop or desktop computer. We offer a wide range of services, including: screen repair, virus removal, fan replacement, thermal paste change, and more...

The Team At Work

4.8 Rating


"Expert services from “good ole” local boys that go the extra mile in promptness to make life easier for the rest of us. Quality replacement parts, reasonable rates, and exceptional services. From replacing broken iPhone screens to laptop hard drives, these boys know their stuff. Much appreciated and recommended to anyone needing cellphone or PC repairs."

Lisa Wells

"Absolutely great place! I took a gaming laptop in and Devin told me the problem, ran me through all the options and told me the best solution. He even told me all the differences between products and what they actually did inside the computer. It ran fast before but it's extremely fast now. Definitely recommend ComputerTek to everyone."

James Thompson

"Very quick to repair. I had my laptop back and running faster than ever with all my stuff stored back on it by the next day (which was less than 24 hours). So far Very satisfied and will be back for any future problems with my electronics. Very friendly service and professional. Seems to know what they're doing. Thank you so much."

Alice Galloway

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Desktop & Laptop Repair

We keep it simple. Bring your laptop or desktop to one of our locations, and a Tech Bro will help diagnose the issue on the spot.

Once we have a solution, we can help you find the most affordable repair option to make it like new again.

Our parts vendors also have a great warranty, and we can have laptop screens arrive as fast as two-three business days.

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