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Bitcoin is suffering Mid 2022

Bitcoin/all cryptocurrency has seen a huge dip this year.

November 2021, Bitcoin was nearly $70,000.

Today, 6/26/2022, the price is $21,137 after a continued decline to $35,000 in January this year.

Is it time to buy, or is the dip going to continue?

Many people still do not understand what the blockchain is, and how it has enabled cryptocurrencies to change the way we transfer money.

In 2014, someone mentioned Bitcoin, and I shrugged it off :(

My wife has told me that I should never mention that moment again, LOL.

If you know anyone who bought Bitcoin early on, then you may know a millionaire.

Today, you may know someone who bought in more recently and is wearing a frown.

I would love to hear some of your stories with Bitcoin. Please share your experience in the comments.


Devin Martinez

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