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The Tech Bros Team in Wilkes, NC

Tech Bros, the culmination of my journey to help people here in Wilkes County with all their tech questions over the last decade.

The Tech Bros Truck on a beautiful day.

We started the mobile unit right when the pandemic changed business operations, and we all had a curfew.

Scott and I have worked 6-7 days per week, every week since March/April to bring something new to help our community during such a hard time for us all.

I want to thank everyone for their support from Day 1, and their continued support every day since.

Soon, we will be opening a new location, and we will start assisting even more people in the surrounding areas.

The New Tech Bros Truck - Getting built and stocked.

We are so excited to continue growing our Tech Bros team, and I cannot express my gratitude here in this article.

I really am so elated with what we have all accomplished.

Thank you for being awesome,

Devin Martinez

Tech Bros of Wilkes

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