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iOS 15 Brings Some Nice Updates

Apple has released the new iOS 15 for the 6S and above.

Settings app to get the new iOS 15 Update

If you are hesitant to update, check out these new features.

Redesigned Notifications -

  1. A "Focus" mode for reducing distractions

  2. Add ID cards in the Wallet App

  3. Spatial Audio in FaceTime Calls and SharePlay

  4. Text Recognition in images - "My Favorite"

  5. Total redesigns for Safari, Maps, Weather and Notes apps

  6. Added Privacy Features

Visit Apples site, and read all about the new features here: Click Here

I am very excited to bring out my old iPhone 6S and give it a new look.

Thanks for reading,

Devin Martinez

Tech Bros of Wilkes

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