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How not to fry your laptop

Today, we are going to talk about charging your laptop.

When you are ready to use your laptop, and you are unraveling your cord, what end do you plug in first?

Here at ComputerTek Repair Services, we have a few recommended tips for safely plugging up your laptop.

To avoid an electrical surge to your device, plug in to the wall outlet first. Now, it is safe to plug your charger into the laptop.

When you are ready to shut down your laptop, unplug the laptop first and then the power cord from the wall outlet to avoid any damage to your device.

I know what you're thinking, "This sounds super simple".

How To Charge Your Laptop "No Brainer"

We have had many customers over the years who have had issues with their laptops due to this problem.

So yeah, just to be on the safe side, follow these tips to keep from frying your laptop.

Written by Rebecca Foster

@ ComputerTek Repair Services

1919 US Highway 421 STE D,

Wilkesboro, NC 28697


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